Allowing you to provide your pet with quality veterinarian health care is EZ Pet Check's primary goal. With EZ Pet Check, you can take your pet to any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and receive top-quality veterinarian care, giving your loved one the life they deserve.

An EZ Pet Check Membership costs less than most insurance plans and handles all routine and long-term care. Unlike insurance, We only offer one Premium Membership that provides you full coverage without the costly add-ons. For those who feel that they don't need a
Premium Membership can Click Here to learn about our other Memberships.

With EZ Pet Check, there are not a ton of stipulations. The entire process has been made as easy as possible for the Member. Your Membership Payment is automatically deducted using the Credit/Debit Card that you put on file. We have automated as much of the claims process as possible to allow you to receive fast and straightforward reimbursements.

Most of the time, the unexpected expenses that arise from Accidents & Illnesses determine the type or extent of care that a pet may receive. By having an EZ Pet Check Membership, you will be able to provide the care needed and be comfortable knowing that you can still pay your other household expenses.

EZ Pet Check is an insurance alternative that gives you peace of mind knowing that your fur-family has the coverage they need with
No Red Tape.
No Deductible

With EZ Pet Check, there is no deductible. As soon as your 30 Day Waiting Period is up you will receive 75% for all covered services.

$15,000 Annual Maximum


All members can receive up to $15,000 total Per Year Per Pet. Premium Membership is for a Term of 1 Year.


No Claim Limits


With EZ Pet Check Premium Membership, there are No Claim Limits. We trust that our Members know when their pet must go to the veterinarian, so we leave the decision to them without a limit.

*Some restrictions do apply. See Membership Agreement for full details

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Simple and Fast Reimbursements
For Providers that don't accept VISA or Members who would rather be reimbursed

As soon as the Claim has been processed, your reimbursement will be scheduled and sent. On average, Reimbursements are received within 2-5 Business Days depending on how you receive your reimbursements.
No Networks

As a Member of the Premium Membership, you can take your pet to any licensed Veterinarian in the U.S.; This allows you to choose the provider that you feel most comfortable with. In order to use Veterinarian Direct Pay the provider must accept payments through the VISA network.

Easy Claims Processing

Members may submit claims online in their account, by email, fax or by mailing your claim in to be processed. Many Members have the Veterinarian fax, or email the detailed Invoice for them after the visit is complete. If using
Veterinarian Direct Pay, you would file a Pre-Claim Online before the scheduled appointment and complete the claim after the visit.
Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted

Pets with Pre-Existing Conditions are eligible for the EZ Pet Check Network. Claims for Pre-Existing Conditions are covered up to $2,000 per year after 90 Days for the Pre-Existing Condition. Surgical Procedures for Pre-Existing Conditions does not qualify.
75% Coverage

With EZ Pet Check Premium Membership, you will receive 75% for all covered services. As your pet gets older your reimbursement will remain the same. Your fur-family will receive the same benefits as they do on the day you enroll for life.
*See below for details on what's not covered. Prescribed Medications Covered Up To $1,500.
Veterinarian Direct Pay

All Members quailify for
Veterinarian Direct Pay. Veterinarian Direct Pay will pay your reimbursement directly to your veterinarian at the time of service so you don't have to wait for reimbursement.
No Medical Records Required For Enrollment

EZ Pet Check does not require Medical Records for enrollment. If it is determined after enrollment that a Medical Record is needed, it will be requested at that time.
30 Day Waiting Period

To make sure we have enough time to fully activate your Membership and to help prevent fraud, there is a 30 day waiting period for all new members who enroll. All claims filed after your 30 Day Waiting Period must be for care received after the waiting period ended.
Covered Medications

Prescription medications for your pet can be expensive. If your pet suffers from an allergic reaction or has a chronic condition that requires ongoing care, the cost of these medications can quickly add up. A Premium Membership will cover qualified prescription medication up to $1,500/year.