30 Day Waiting Period

To make sure we have enough time to fully activate your Membership and to help prevent fraud, there is a 30 day waiting period for all new members who enroll. All claims filed after your 30 Day Waiting Period must be for care received after the waiting period ended.

EZ Monthly Billing


Each month, 10 days before your account is charged, you will receive a statement by email letting you know exactly what you will be charged that month. Your total due for the month would be 10% of your Membership Balance + $6.00 Membership Fee. This amount is charged automatically on the due date unless previous arrangements are made. Your Monthly Payment will never be more than $56.00. You may make additional payments at any time to increase your Available Billing Limit or you may request an increase after 90 days.


No Claim Limits


With EZ Pet Check Basic Membership, there are No Claim Limits. As long as you have an Available Billing Limit you are able to use that amount with any Participating Provider.

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No Hidden Charges or Interest Fees

As long as your Membership is up to date there are No Additional Charges or Interest Fees. Late Fees and Legal Fees may be added to deliquent Memberships.
Easy Claims Processing

Prior to the visit with the Veterinarian each Member using Veterinarian Direct Pay must fill out a Pre-Claim in their online account. Once the Pre-Claim is submitted and approved, you will receive a Pre-Claim Payment Authorization to take with you to the vet.

You will also need to file a claim online after the visit or complete a paper claim form and submit it. Most Members fill this out and have the veterinarian submit the claim form and invoices by fax.
Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted

Pets with Pre-Existing Conditions are eligible for the EZ Pet Check Network. With a
Basic Membership there is no limitations on what Pre-Existing Conditions are covered.

No Medical Records Required For Enrollment

EZ Pet Check does not require Medical Records for enrollment. If it is determined after enrollment that a Medical Record is needed, it will be requested at that time.
$300 Available Billing Limit

With EZ Pet Check Basic Membership, all approved Memberships will receive an initial Available Billing Limit of $300.00. Memberships are reviewed every 90 days for limit increases. No Limit on the number of pets covered.
With a Basic Membership, Approved Members are given an initial Available Billing Limit of $300.00 that can be used to pay for veterinarian care at any Licensed Veterinarian. Each Membership is eligible for an increase in the Available Billing Limit every 90 days.

Once a transaction is processed it is broken down into payments of 10% of the balance due or payments of $50.00, whichever is the least. Each month Members are billed a $6.00 Membership Fee plus their current monthly payment towards the balance Due. Your Monthly Payment will never be higher than $56.00/Month ($50.00 Payment + $6.00 Membership Fee). Members can always make additional payments online to lower their Membership Balance.

There is
no credit requirment for a Basic Membership but each Member must have verifible Income and must confirm their identity with a photo I.D.
Identification And Income Verification Required

All Memberships require a copy of Photo I.D. to be uploaded during enrollment or emailed immediately after enrollment. Basic Membership also requires income verification since Members are utilizing funds from the Cost-Sharing Network and repaying it. For a Basic Membership you will need to upload or email your last 3 paystubs or a letter stating your income on company letterhead. If you receive disability or only a monthly payment, then you may use your last bank statement.
Medications Covered

With EZ Pet Check Basic Membership, you can use your Available Billing Limit towards any medications or supplements.