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30 Day Waiting Period

To make sure we have enough time to fully activate your Membership and to help prevent fraud, there is a 30 day waiting period for all new members who enroll. All claims filed after your 30 Day Waiting Period must be for care received after the waiting period ended.
Not all pet owners will experience an emergency with their pet, but 1 out of 3 pet owners will need Emergency Care and over 60% will experience an acute illness that requires veterinarian care this year. EZ Pet Check is a solution that gives you a Cost-Sharing network that has your back when the unexpected occurs.

We know you want nothing but the best for your fur family. However, we also want to be smart about our finances. You don't want to have to decide between your pet's health care while worrying about whether or not you can afford their treatment.

Depending on which Membership you choose, EZ Pet Check will provide you with everything you need to cover the
expected and the unexpected for the life of your pet.
75% Coverage

With an EZ Pet Check Accident and Illness Membership, your pet will be covered for 75% if they have an unexpected accident or illness. EZ Pet Check pays the 75% for all covered incidents directly to the veterinarian and you are only responsible for the remaining 25%.
*See below for details on what's not covered

$15,000 Annual Maximum


All members receive up to $15,000 total Per Year Per Pet. An Accident and Illness Membership is for a Term of 1 Year.


3 Claim Limit


With EZ Pet Check Accident and Illness Membership, there is a 3 Claim Limit per pet per year.

No Deductible

With EZ Pet Check, there is no deductible that you have to meet each year. When you go to the veterinarian you only pay 25%.
Veterinarian Direct Pay

All Members receive
Veterinarian Direct Pay. Veterinarian Direct Pay pays the covered portion (75%) directly to your veterinarian at the time of service so you don't have to wait for reimbursement.
No Networks

As a Member of the Accident and Illness Membership, you can take your pet to any licensed Veterinarian in the U.S.; This allows you to choose the provider that you feel most comfortable with. In order to use Veterinarian Direct Pay the provider must accept payments through the VISA network.

Easy Claims Processing

After your visit is complete you will need to send the detailed Invoice to EZ Pet Check. Most providers will email or fax this for you after payment has been made. Once it is received your claim will be completed.
No Medical Records Required For Enrollment

EZ Pet Check does not require Medical Records for enrollment. If it is determined after enrollment that a Medical Record is needed, it will be requested at that time.
Pre-Existing Conditions Accepted - Optional Coverage
Pre-Existing Coverage is Available Starting At $7/Mo Per Pet that elects this coverage

If your pet has been diagnosed or is showing symptoms of a Pre-Existing Condition, they can still be covered with EZ Pet Check. After 90 days,
your pet can be covered for up to $2,000 per year for any accident or illness that is a result of their diagnosed Pre-Existing Condition. An Accident and Illness Membership does not cover the treatment/medication for the ongoing Pre-Existing Condition but would cover immediate care, treatment, and medication for a recurrent event. If you are looking for more indepth care for a Pre-Existing Condition, Click Here to see the Premium Membership. Surgical Procedures and Chemotherapy for Pre-Existing Conditions Do Not Qualify.

For example, if your dog was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and takes medication for this condition, the medication and ongoing treatment would not be covered by the
Accident and Illness Membership. If 4 months down the road, your dog suffers a seizure that won't stop, the care, treatment, and medication for that event related to the Pre-Existing Condition would be covered.
Covered Medications

With the Accident and Illness Membership, Prescribed Medically Necessary FDA Approved medications are covered for the injury or illness.
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