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EZ Pet Check was created by an entrepreneurial couple in Hendersonville, Tennessee (Suburb of Nashville). Avid animal lovers believed that all pet owners, regardless of their financial circumstances, should be able to provide their pets with the quality veterinarian care they need and deserve.

As a Fire Fighter/EMT, It was witnessed firsthand the financial and emotional toll that natural disasters, fires, and accidents have on families. Although insurance companies provide financial support when something unexpected happens, in many cases, when pets are involved, they do not receive the care needed because their families can't afford it.

EZ Pet Check Saves Lives
A staggering number of family pets are put to sleep each year because the owners cannot afford to pay for emergency surgeries or medications. Given the opportunity to have assistance, these families and their pets could have had many more years together. EZ Pet Check wants to change the statistics.

With EZ Pet Check, members pay a small monthly fee and are given access to a Cost-Sharing Pool that they can utilize to be reimbursed for a percentage of their pet's veterinarian fees. EZ Pet Check offers members peace of mind knowing that they can still pay their other bills while providing the best care for their beloved pets.

Also, an EZ Pet Check Membership gives hope to people who may have been hesitant to adopt or rescue an animal due to the financial commitment required when you own a pet. With EZ Pet Check, they can open their homes and hearts to an animal in need and have peace of mind knowing that quality veterinarian care and unexpected expenses can be managed through their membership.
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